Currently working at CLS Massage School for 5 years and 2 months.


  1. (Received the certificate of national skill standard level 1 as Thai massage staff from Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development)
  2. (Received the certificate of national skill standard level 2 as Thai massage staff from
    Lamphun Institute for Skill Development)

Professional Licenses: Traditional Thai Medicine

  1. Thai Traditional Medicine Thai Pharmaceutical Category 2004
  2. Thai Traditional Medicine Thai Medicine Category 2009
  3. Health Spa Operator 2010
  4. Thai Traditional Medicine Thai Massage 2011
  5. Thai teacher in Thai traditional medicine Thai Pharmacy Category 2011
  6. Thai traditional medicine practitioner Midwifery of Thailand 2012
  7. Massage Teacher role-Model in 2015
  8. Spa operator in health facility in 2016
  9. Health service providers in the year 2017

Experience in teaching for 12 years 9 months

Is about Speakers and management consultants Traditional Thai Medicine Traditional medicine, Thai wisdom and alternative medicine.

  1. Management of environmental quality and safety at work.
  2. 5S with productivity increase
  3. Safety Officer at work
  4. Prepare to work Thai massage staff.
  5. Aromatherapy Massage
  6. Elevate Thai Massage
  7. Toksen for health
  8. Foot Massage for health
  9. Traditional Lanna Traditional Massage
  10. Manufacture of natural cleaning agents.
  11. Herbal tea for health according to elemental.
  12. Shampoo and conditioner, mosquito repellent spray from natural herbs
  13. Technique to wipe-out the traditional Lanna.
  14. Holistic Natural Healing
  15. Extraction of natural essential oils
  16. Sports massage

Experience in non-teaching for 19 years 7 months

  1. Production Supervisor
  2. Production Manager Assistant
  3. Production Technical Manager Assistants
  4. Production Technical Manager
  5. Senior Technical Specialist
  6. Quality Assurance Manager
  7. Massage staff for health and treatment.
  8. Thai Medical Assistant
  9. Thai traditional medicine
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T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand