Traditional Thai Massage

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In this course, you will learn:

  1. The basic techniques using hands and fingers.
  2. How rhythmic massages can ease muscles and chronic pain
  3. How *Sen* energy line is located and connected in our bodies
  4. How massage can treat pain, fatigue, and mood instability
  5. And how to treat many more symptoms!
In this course you will learn various techniques using fingers and hands where in Advanced Thai Massage course, you will learn various techniques using elbows, arms, knees, feet etc.


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Course Days: 9 days / 70 hours

Level: Beginner

Certificate: Thailand Ministry of Education

Test: Last day of Course

Course Details

Thai massage has 2,500 years of history based on traditional methods of health in Thailand. It is said that it was founded by the person named Master Shibago who was Buddha’s physician in charge. (Master Shibago is very respected as an initiator of Thai traditional massage in Thailand. ) Because of that history, Traditional Thai massage is steeped in Buddhism, and massage techniques have been taught at temples. It takes root deeply in people’s lives, and there are many massage operations in towns now.

The key feature of Thai massage is to stimulate ‘Sen’ that is the line of the energy running through the human body (It is called Phurana in Thailand). As a result, the nerves and the blood vessels surrounding the Sen are stimulated and promote the stream of blood. In addition the lymphocytes are activated. Moreover it leades to improved immunity and a natural healing ability.

Thai traditional massage is known as ” Yoga by two people”. It is because there is a good effect of health for not only the receiver but also for the therapist. Normally the therapist should be in the same posture for a long time and becomes tired. But as for Thai traditional massage, the therapist will change posture by the place of massage, and it is similar to stretching and doing Yoga. Thai traditional massage has techniques including stretching, finger pressure (shiatsu), and chiropractic, etc.

Thai traditional massage is roughly separated into two styles: Bangkok style and Chiang Mai style. In this school we teach Bangkok style. The reason for it is because Chiang Mai style is not safe if performed by those in immature stage, and dangerous to massage the elderly person and those who have a stiff body. Chiang Mai style is also has physical burden for the therapist. Most of the massage operations offer Bangkok style in Thailand. It is said the Bangkok style is most practical massage.

In the Thai traditional massage course, herbal ball massage class is included. This is because students can more easily learn Herbal ball massage course after learning Thai traditional massage course because of learning Sen already in Thai traditional massage course.

A lesson hour of Thai traditional massage is 70 hours course. (Herbal ball massage included.)The purpose of this lesson is to do full course of Thai traditional massage for two hours. One is called the masseur of Thai traditional massage when you master to do the 2 hours course massage.

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
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