Master the ancient art of a Thai tradition!

Learn the fine art of Tok-Sen with top-tier masters in a beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature!

In this course, you will learn:

  1. The art of Tok-Sen
  2. The different energy conduits in the body
  3. How Tok-Sen can help improve a variety of ailments
  4. How to carefully wield a special hammer and chisel
  5. How Tok-Sen can fit into traditional Thai practice
This course is perfect for an experienced, knowledgeable masseuse looking to improve their skills.


Booking Steps

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  2. Choose the highlighted arrival date
  3. Choose number of people (with 2 people you will get 10% OFF!)
  4. Choose accommodation type
  5. Click book!

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Course Days: 6 days / 40 hours

Level: Advanced

Certificate: Thailand Ministry of Education

Test: Last Day of Course

Course Details

Master of the Tok Sen Massage ancient art of a Thai tradition! For advanced practitioners looking to hone their craft, Tok Sen Massage class provides the answer.
Using a system of treatment that’s been passed down orally for generations, students will learn how to apply a special hammer and to various conduits in the body.

This is a traditional technique originated Tok Sen Massage from Chiang Mai and its technique is tapping on Sen Energy line- Sen
The technique is passed down verbally and uses a special wooden pile and hammer. By tapping and stimulating along the Sen Energy line, you can help the flow of “Sen” and adjust the balance of the body. Compared to regular massage, one may feel the effect quicker, and it is said that the unique sound of the tool increases the relaxation effect.
This technique is very much useful for therapists with a smaller body because you can apply the technique regardless of body size. Please note that this course is for an advanced therapist it is necessary to be familiar with Thai massage when taking this course. After the course is over, you will be able to do the treatment for around 30 minutes.

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
— Don’t wait — learn the art of Tok-Sen today.
Phone: +66-965-689-433
169 M.2, Leabklongcholprathan Rd
T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand
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