Teachers Training Course

Earn your Teachers Training Certificate!

Learn to become a Teacher in our modern accommodation!

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Re-cap of Thai massages
  2. Re-cap of Rucie Dutton
  3. Re-cap of Relieving 10 Symptoms
  4. How to create and prepare courses
  5. How to give lessons in a classroom setting
This course is perfect for people ready to become give lessons.


Booking Steps

  1. ↓ Go to, Start Date, the month you wish to take the course
  2. Choose the highlighted arrival date
  3. Choose number of people (with 2 people you will get 10% OFF!)
  4. Choose accommodation type
  5. Click book!

Your arrival date is one day before the course starts.

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Accommodation location: CLS Main
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Course Days: 5 days / 40 hours

Level: Advanced

Certificate: International Holistic Therapist Association - Department of CLS Massage

Course Details

“Teachers Training Course” covers 5 days.
Prerequiste for this course is for the studetns to have done 1. Thai Massage, 2Advanced Thai Massage,  3. Rucie Dutton and Thai Buddist Meditation 4. Reliving 10 symptoms.
Teacher Training Course will include
20% Theory, 60% Practical, 20% Practice.

In this course you will
review basic Thai Massages, Rucie Dutton and relieving 10 symptoms.
You will learn how to prepare for your lessons
how to build your lessons
how to deliver your lessons

You can start from Thai Massage Course, Foot Massage, Advance Thai Massage, Rucie Dutton and finally relieving 10 symptoms before taking Teachers Training Course. At the end of the course you will be able to comprehend the basic principle of Thai Massages, different modalities of massages using hands, fingers, arms, elbows, knees, foot sticks, etc. and be able to acquire methods and form to teach massages and Yoga as a teacher and a trainer.

Students who have already finished the above 4 courses can show their certificates and take the Teachers Training Course

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
— Don’t wait — earn your Teachers Training Course today.
Phone: +66-965-689-433
169 M.2, Leabklongcholprathan Rd
T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand
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