Rucie Dutton and Thai Buddhist Meditation

Go beyond your knowledge of Thai massage!

Rucie Dutton & Thai Buddhist Meditation with top-tier masters in a beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature!

In this course, you will learn:

  1. 80 different yoga poses (in accordance with the Rama III era)
  2. Compassionate instruction in a natural environment
  3. Hearing authentic monks talk about their experience
  4. Meditation in breathtaking traditional Thai temples
  5. A sense of calmness and tranquility
  6. Samata, Vipassana, and walking meditation


Booking Steps

  1. ↓ Go to, Start Date, the month you wish to take the course
  2. Choose the highlighted arrival date
  3. Choose number of people (with 2 people you will get 10% OFF!)
  4. Choose accommodation type
  5. Click book!

Your arrival date is one day before the course starts.

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Course Days: 5 days / 40 hours

Level: Beginner

Certificate: Thailand Ministry of Education

Test: Last Day of Course

Course Details

Go beyond your knowledge of Thai massage! Engage with traditional Thai methods of meditation with this course on Rucie Dutton and Thai Buddhism.

Rucie Dutton involves learning and mastering the foundations of Thai Buddhism, meditation, and yoga. Through various yoga positions, you can gain deeper spiritual understanding and bodily intuition under the instruction of authentic Thai monks.

Rucie Dutton & Thai Buddhist Meditation is a Westernized spelling of Reussi Datton, Russi Detton, and other variations. However, they all refer to the same concept: that of self-care and treatment through traditional Thai meditation. Thus, Rucie Dutton combines traditional spiritual healing art and culture. In addition to the 80 dynamic poses, it incorporates breathing exercises, self-stretches, massage, acupressure, meditation, and movement.

It is primarily a method of treating and maintaining one’s physical and mental health. After all, it is hard to be of service as a healer if you yourself cannot heal and maintain your own mind and body. Thus, Rucie Dutton is a powerful practice incorporating the highlights of traditional Thai Buddhism and focuses on creating a better body and mind for yourself, so you can be a more effective healer.

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
Don’t wait — learn how to master Rucie Dutton & Thai Buddhist Meditation today.
Phone: +66-965-689-433
169 M.2, Leabklongcholprathan Rd
T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand
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