Oil and Scrub Massage

Become a master of oil and scrub massages!

Learn oil and scrub massages with top-tier masters in a beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature!

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Oil massage and its health benefits
  2. How oils massage affect our well-being
  3. How to incorporate and use coarse scrubs
  4. The benefits of scrubs on skin
Class is divided into men and women, and the course for men is in January, April and August.


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Course Days: 6 days / 50 hours

Level: Advanced

Certificate: Thailand Ministry of Education

Test: Last Day of Course

Course Details

Oils Massage have been recorded in use as early as 1800 B.C. Their gentle scents and healing sensations are the perfect complement to a deep, relaxing massage. The first half of this course is dedicated to teaching you oil massage.

The second half is dedicated to scrub massage. Using coarse particulates — including ancient Thai remedies — you can help your client enjoy brighter, cleaner skin and a sense of wellbeing.

Scrubs and oils are natural complements to the massage, and bring a host of benefits to your patients. Oils can be used to emphasize many aspects of massage: relaxation, healing, and warming are just a few possibilities. Oil massage help the circulation of blood and lymphocytes.

Scrubs have been steadily gaining in popularity, and are an excellent addition to any repertoire. By gently exfoliating the skin, a scrub massage brings a new dimension of healing and wellness to your patient. We will help you learn how to incorporate scrub particulates into your own personal techniques, allowing you to unlock this extra capability, as well as how to do so in line with the ancient practices which, thanks to their effectiveness, have stood the test of time.

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
Don’t wait — learn the art of oil and scrub massage today.
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169 M.2, Leabklongcholprathan Rd
T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand