Relieving 10 symptoms

Deepen your understanding of “Sen”

In this course, you will learn:

  1. 10 energy lines to improve flow of life-energy
  2. Recovery and embetterment of natural healing ability
  3. Prevention of symptoms of illnesses
  4. Chie Nai Tsang massage
This is an advanced course, it is available only after you complete Traditional Thai Massage course


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Course Days: 16 days / 120 hours

Level: Advanced

Certificate: Thailand Ministry of Education

Test: Last Day of Course

Course Details

Thai traditional massage has Relieving 10 Symptoms concepts of an energy line. By massaging this ten major energy lines, we will improve the flow of life energy, thus balancing and restoring natural healing power and preventing disease.
An example

Sen · Smana Line
(Sen Summana) → [adaptation] asthma, bronchitis, chest pain, nausea, cold, cough, throat disease, abdominal pain, mania, heart disease, diaphragmatic cramps, upper body paralysis, digestive system diseases, daydreams etc.

Sen · Kikuchi Line
(Sen Khitchanna) → [adaptation] hernia, frequent urination, infertility, menstrual irregularity, sexual disability, premature ejaculation, urinary retention, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sexual urge stabilization

We will improve the symptoms of each related area by massaging other 10 main seniors etc. We recommend that you take this course after taking Thai traditional massage basic and Advance Thai traditional massage.

1. Head & Neck 2. Shoulder & Arm 3. Waist & back 4. Foot and knee 5. Ankle 6. Scapula 7. Convulsions and pains 8. Uterus 9. Small intestine 10. Large intestine This course focuses on the improvement of Relieving 10 Symptoms that are easy to get tired of in daily life. It is a course including Chi-Nei-Tsang, such as the uterus, small intestine, large intestine massage etc.

“Chi-Nai-Tsang is one of the qigong therapies that originated in ancient China, and now it is famous for Chiang Mai. Relieving 10 Symptoms therapy centering on the abdomen mainly improves the function of the whole organs, relieves stiff neck back pain, menstrual pain , Not only improves menstrual symptoms, menopausal symptoms, swelling, relaxation of coldness, stress relaxation of the mind and body, relieving insomnia, strengthening energy, concentration, and stagnation of internal organs, but also balances emotions. “

Course fee includes breakfast and lunch, tuition, teaching materials, certification fee, airport pick-up, drinking water, and instruction! A Japanese interpreter and textbook will also be provided!
Phone: +66-965-689-433
169 M.2, Leabklongcholprathan Rd
T. Nam Bo Luang, A. Sanpatong, Chiangmai, Thailand
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